Head Support for Children and Adults

Head Support for Children and Adults

HEADALOFT is a comprehensive, patented head support that instantly improves the quality of life of people who lack head control.


In Collaboration with ALYN Hospital

ALYN Hospital is Israel’s number one pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation facility and a leading hospital worldwide in the field of Pediatric Rehabilitation. ALYN treats children with various congenital and acquired conditions, including cerebral palsy, neuromuscular diseases, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, burns, and more.

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"Nothing says 'I am equal and able' like the bright-eyed gaze of a person looking at the world, secured and stable. HEADALOFT, developed in collaboration with ALYN Hospital's expertise, will be more than an assistive device. It will help people hold their head up high. It will allow them to control their life"

  • Dr. Maurit Beeri Director General
    ALYN Hospital Pediatric Rehabilitation Center

the problem

Lack of head control

Many children and adults who use wheelchairs lack head control and are unable to hold their head upright to various extents. This negatively affects their day-to-day life, causing functional difficulties around breathing, swallowing, and communicating, as well as self-esteem issues.

the need

Comprehensive Head Support

A comfortable, affordable solution providing stable and versatile head support while seated in a wheelchair, safety car seat, stroller, or any other seating and mobility device equipped with a headrest.


the need - image 1
the need - image 2

THE solution


FDA and CE registered, patented HEADALOFT s a life-changing product; an easy to use, non-restrictive head support solution for those who lack head control. HEADALOFT comfortably and gently holds the head upright, reducing neck discomfort and allowing for easier breathing, feeding, and communication. Breathable, washable, and affordable, it meets all the needs.

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A Unique Solution

Affordable and universal, HEADALOFT is a one-of-a-kind product on the market, attaching easily to most headrests. Made of the highest-quality materials, compliant with worldwide quality standards, crash-tested, HEADALOFT provides instant results and changes lives.

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Life-Changing Benefits

HEADALOFT improves the lives of people who lack head control.

Benefit 1

Better Body Symmetry

Supporting the head and aligning the body centralizes the head in an upright position, which helps relieve aches and pains, and enhances self-esteem.

Benefit 2

Smoother Breathing

Lifting the head up opens the airways letting in more oxygen.

Benefit 3

Easier Eating/Swallowing

Keeping the head elevated reduces choking hazards for both solids and liquids while ensuring an easier feeding experience for caregivers and smoother swallowing for the user.

Benefit 4

Enhanced Communication

Better eye contact heightens social engagement while open airways make talking easier.

Benefit 5

Eye Gaze Control

Users gain the ability to practice eye-gaze control which allows for expanded learning opportunities and greater fulfillment potential.

Benefit 6

Ergonomic Neck Support

Padded, breathable, and washable all-day comfort. With its unique occipital support add-on, the neck is supported, greatly reducing the level of stress on the neck as well as aches and pains.

Benefit 7

Quality Napping

Whether in a wheelchair, stroller, or a car seat, comfortable head support improves quality of sleep and reduces aches and pains.

Benefit 8

Sore Prevention

Wheelchair users whose heads are continuously falling (whether back, front or to the side) can say goodbye to neck pressure sores.

Benefit 9

Enjoyment of Entertainment

TV, computer, books, video games, concerts, plays, social interactions, and more are all now more accessible.


How It Works

Easily install HEADALOFT on a seat or wheelchair equipped with a headrest to notice immediate improvements.

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A Soft breathable strap makes gentle contact with the forehead. The padded neck support provides great comfort. Easily attaches to most headrests. A unique strap system keeps HEADALOFTTM securely in place.

Success Stories

"Thanks to HEADALOFT my son can hold his head and look straight into my eyes for the first time. Michael also has more independence while eating and practicing using his walker now."

Adir, Michael's dad

  • What experts are saying

    "Thanks to HEADALOFT the children could hold their head upright and rotate it to both sides. I enjoyed using HEADALOFT to improve a variety of functions such as sitting, communicating, eating, socializing and driving a powered wheelchair."

    Zohar Filber, OT

    Assistive Technology Specialist - Head of Ma'ayan (Rehabilitative Equipment Evaluation and Display Center) and The Safe Transportation of Children with Special Needs Center

    What experts are saying
  • What experts are saying

    "HEADALOFT is going to change the way we treat head control issues with many of our patients."

    DR. Naomi Gefen PHD OT

    Deputy Director-General of Clinical Services - Naomi is a leading expert in assistive technology for children with disabilities and works together with the Ministry of Health to improve services for children with disabilities.

    What experts are saying
  • What experts are saying

    "The children can now hold their head upright and participate in many activities. We are using HEADALOFT with a variety of aids both for sitting and standing."

    NILLY WAISERBER, MScPT - Teaches pediatrics at the Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, and works at the Ministry of Education as the Director Of Physical Therapy Services within the Special Education Department.

    What experts are saying
  • What experts are saying

    "The intake of food and drink, as well as the swallowing became easier and less stressful"

    Pediatric Physiotherapist, Germany

    What experts are saying
  • What experts are saying

    "Not only can the children control their power wheels more safely, it's easier for them to socially engage with their peers with better eye-gaze control"

    STEPHANIE LIBZON, MScPT - Metabolic-neuro-Genetic Service, Wolfson Medical Center; Leukodystrophy Clinic, Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital, Tel Aviv Medical Center;
    CEO and Co-Founder of Go Baby Go Israel.

    What experts are saying
  • What experts are saying

    "The Headovations team has created a device that
    the world of adult rehabilitation desperately needed-
    a smart and elegant solution that fits all types of wheelchairs, it enables patients with post brain injuries to maintain head posture in a way that allows them better eye contact, better ability to communicate with their surroundings, better ability to breath and swallows."

    Einat Carmeli , B.PT, MHA - Head of physical therapy, the department of brain injuries rehabilitation, Sheba Tel Hashomer.

    What experts are saying

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HEADALOFT has been proven effective in multiple case studies, greatly enhancing the quality of life of many people who lack head control.