Yes, HEADALOFT easily attaches to all kinds of seating and mobility devices equipped with a headrest, whether a wheelchair, a stroller, a stander, a walker, a car seat, and more.

With it's three different size forehead straps, and it's Velcro versatility, not only is there a perfect fit for everyone there are also options for adjustments.

Anyone who suffers from lack of head control can benefit from professional anterior head support.  Basic passive support holds the head upright enabling better breathing, feeding, communicating, etc. Additionally, in some ongoing case studies this support shows a positive proactive impact on the user's independent ability to hold their head up to various extents.

No, HEADALOFT is a versatile head support system that is easily adjustable.  The forehead strap can be put in the up position (slightly above the user's head) when not in use, and then put easily back in place in the down position when wanted.  For example, some users use HEADALOFT only during certain activities such as eating, watching TV, using a monitor, and for eye gaze control practice while others use it a vast majority of the time.

Yes, HEADALOFT is easily attachable and detachable which makes it easy to shift from one device equipped with a headrest to another. 

HEADALOFT has been crash tested at the acclaimed US Calspan lab. The US Federal Safety Standards tests showed that HEADALOFT does not alter the way the car seat, special needs car seat or high-back booster performs in a crash.

It is always advisable to consult with your physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or your ATP before using any new assistive product.  Our HEADOVATIONS team is always available to answer any questions, feel free to contact us.

HEADALOFT generally is suitable for most people who lack head control, including ALS patients.  Consult your doctor, PT, or OT to see if it's right for you.

Yes, HEADALOFT is FDA  registered for the US and CE registered for the EU.

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